Spare Parts Features

Quotation (Parts)

Detailed quotation and order functionality for both inventory and non-inventory parts with automatic GST adjustment.

Point of Sale

The interface created by Fleetnetics makes it easy for you to use and sell parts the customer needs. Setting up is as simple as accessing the responsive web-based POS on PC / Mac or tablet. While at it, any transaction made will be connected to your inventory and accounting automatically.

Supplier Management

Proactively manage resources to prevent stock-outs and shortages with up-to-date suppliers. Gives you more control over inbound purchase orders which lowers your risk, as well as maximizing supplier engagement.

Price Management

Monitor various inventory parts, non-inventory parts and equipments value to control what you buy and sell. 

Customer Management

Track a wide range of business activities between you and your customers. Make smart decisions with the gathered information to know them better and create more business opportunities.

Parts Monitor

Monitor parts quantity and get restocking notification from specific branch. 

Purchasing Modules

Takes complete control of the procurement workflow from generating supplier purchase orders to tracking and issuing invoices. Includes receiving latest parts pricing, cost accrual, parts receivals as well as quality control.

Warehouse Management

Improve internal operations with real-time warehouse management that comes with individual warehouses/ racks monitoring and movement tracking. 

Inventory Management

Manage your super messy inventory with our fast and accurate system. Get complete traceability of your stocks level and movements from multiple locations. Improve your warehouse organisation, processing time and observe inventory profitability. Keep stock levels optimum and increase warehouse efficiency.

Parts Transfer

Supervise and monitor the movement of all your inventories virtually through the screen of your phone.

Stock Taking

You can monitor the quantity of available physical stock and generate stock take report.