Car Rental Features

Quotation (Rental)

Support various types of quotations, including self-drive, chauffeur-drive, to satisfy the need of your customers.

Advanced Booking

Utilize your vehicle to the maximum by planning/arranging schedules ahead.

Rental Agreement

A consolidated list of rental agreement to help you keep track of the statuses with A button away function to invoice or email the latest updates.

Check Out / In

Detailed records of car conditions from scratches on the outside to the fuel level on the inside to minimize the chances of getting disputes.


Manage explicit offers for a limited time and period dedicated to your valued customers.

Non-Revenue Trip

With our NRT function, you can retrieve detailed usage and physical condition of the vehicle. Now you can pass the traffic summons to the right person.

Hire Purchase

Have the penalty charges from early redemption, interest amount and asset liabilities at your finger tips.

Front-End Booking

Supports a fully reponsive design that appeals to your customers. From easy navigation for information to booking online and validating the necessary forms, omit the need to go through phone calls.

Vehicle Movement

Gain full traceability that allows you to keep a close eye on your vehicle movements. Browse through detailed records to get a clear overview of the vehicle and it’s history.

Delivery Order

Easily generate rental orders for your customers. Arrange cars at their request, and have it delivered on time.

Commission (Rental)

Effectively calculate and record commission for individual salesperson for every Rental Agreement signed. Maximise accuracy and save time by keeping a detailed record of all commissions.

Extra Items

Oversee that customer’s request for add-on items like baby seats, GPS and many available items are fulfilled to ensure their roadtrip is a safe and memorable one.