Finances Modules

Accounting Modules

Accounts Receivable

Manage Customer accounting records in the form of payments, invoices, refunds, credit and debit notes. Summarizes receivables by generating report.

Account Payable

Manage Supplier accounting records, issue payments, create invoices and more.

Accounts Module

Maintains general ledger,  reconcile monthly balance sheet, retain journal entries. Our system also comes with support for GST submission and integration with Assets Inventories.

Proforma Invoice

Manage proforma invoices for third parties like insurers. Act as declared value for taxable goods at customs.


Get real-time updates on interactive and detailed reports in just a few clicks. Take the hassle out of filing reports via traditional methods. Export to Excel sheets while keeping the formats and formula.


Retrieve accurate and comprehensive overview of profit and loss. Easily run reports for administration of assets and monitoring closely on costs.