Car Rental Features

A Simple Solution
to Complex Rental Agreement

Fleetnetics ensures seamless integration.

Fleetnetics Automatic Solution

Fleetnetics supports generation and emailing of quotations, checklists, invoices, rental agreements, payment notice and many more.

Smooth the way for Administrations

Fleetnetics monitors various statuses for rental agreements, including the availability and allocation of vehicles.

Easy Management

Fleetnetics supports your rental operation, sales, customer management and accounting all in one.

Limited Ways & Endless Applications To Suit Your Business Needs

Fleetnetics provides over 40 different modules to meet your needs. We strive hard so as to deliver the perfect system for you

Quotation (Rental)

Support various types of quotations, including long term and short term to satisfy the need of your customers

Rental Agreement

A consolidated list of rental agreement to help you keep track of various statuses with a button away to issue invoice or email payment notice.


Manage explicit offers for a limited time and period dedicated to your valued customers

Batch Invoice

Generate due invoices as of effective date, saving you lots of time

Front-End Booking

Supports a fully responsive and user friendly booking engine that appeals to your customers, omitting the need to go through phone calls.

Delivery Order

Generate rental orders effortlessly for your customers. Arrange cars at their request, and have them delivered on time.

Extra Items

Oversee that your customer’s request for add-on items like baby seats, GPS and others are fulfilled to enhance customer experience.

Advanced Booking

Utilize your vehicle to the maximum by planning schedules ahead

Check Out / In

Minimize disputes by keeping detailed records of car conditions, and concerns on uploaded images

Non-Revenue Trip

With our NRT function, you can retrieve detailed usage information of your vehicle: allowing you to pass the traffic

Hire Purchase

Have the penalty charges from early redemption, interest amount and asset liabilities at your fingertips.

Vehicle Transfer

Gain full traceability that allows you to keep a close eye on your vehicle movements. Browse through detailed records to get a clear overview of the vehicle and its history.

Commission (Rental)

Effectively calculate and record commission for individual salesperson for every Rental Agreement signed. Maximize accuracy and save time by keeping a detailed record of all commissions.

P&L report

With just a few clicks, we can help you produce an accurate and professional profit and loss statement

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