Workshop Features

Quotation (Workshop)

Add, update and search for different servicing jobs/ quotations. Finally, trigger email to customer.

Mechanics Management

Manage your mechanics and mechanic jobs intelligently.

Customer Portal

Makes keeping track of workshop jobs, easier, organized and convenient. You can receive quotations, get alerts of upcoming servicing, track invoices and view vehicle history.

Commission (Workshop)

Effectively calculate and record commission for individual mechanics for every cars repaired. Maximise accuracy and save time by keeping a detailed record of all commissions.

Workshop Management Module

Workshop Management Module provides visibility of the real-time status of every workshop job, which includes assigning of mechanics on various jobs and tracking parts movement. 

Check In / Out Module

A paperless check-in and check out procedure. Upload pictures of car conditions, as well as indicating conditions by drawing or sketching. Retrieve previous vehicle records.

Service Item

Add, update and search various services like items operations or service packages.

Estimation Module

Compile and email a list of estimated service items for your insurance partners with just a few clicks.

Warranty Module

Create,update and search various warranty packages with just a few clicks. Integrate with workshop job, as well as tracking warranty status .