Fleetnetics has tailored solutions for

your industry's unique needs and challenges

Solutions By Industry

Car Rental

Simplify the management of multiple rental agreements and check-in/outs while generating your batch invoices in a breeze.

Heavy equipment

Streamline the rental process for equipment coupled with manpower and track maintenance at a glance.

Car Workshops

Gain full control over each workshop job with diagnosis of the time required, mechanics assignment and price offering.


Waste management

Mobilize your waste management fleets with robust tracking and maintenance management capabilities.

Spare Parts

Equip your business with advanced inventory management system that also helps in procurement and sales. It even allows you to track your business on the move.


Better visibility into maintenance schedules and complementary tool inventories – all available with a single system.

Last Mile Delivery

Ease the burden on the fleet owner with real-time GPS tracking and timely alerts for maintenance.

Public Transport

Track and analyze every movement of your vehicles, preventing vehicle downtime and optimizing utilization.

DewTouch Innovations

DewTouch Innovations started in 2012 and offers modern enterprise software solutions to optimise workflows in automotive and food catering companies. We helped companies to develop new innovations on business processes and increase business productivity. Many years of working with our customers on the ground has made us experts in these fields –

not only in Singapore but regionally.

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