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Workshop Features

Unify workshop jobs and mechanic scheduling, vehicle maintenance history, inventory and cost tracking, and internal and external customers management

Manage and Track Anything & Everything

Unify workshop jobs and mechanic scheduling, vehicle maintenance history, inventory and cost tracking and internal and external customers management.


Fleetnetics Automotive Solution

Fleetnetics supports the generation and emailing of quotations, history, invoices, warranty services, insurance and many more.

Smooth the way for Administrations

Fleetnetics provides monitoring of various statuses for workshop jobs, starting from front-end appointment up to completion and release of the vehicle.

Easy Management

Fleetnetics supports your workshop operation, sales, customer management and accounting all in one.

Unlimited Ways & Endless Applications to Suit Your Business Needs

Fleetnetics provides over 100 different modules to meet your needs. We strive hard so as to deliver the perfect system for you.


Quotation (Workshop)

Add, update and search for different servicing jobs or quotations, and we can generate and issue professional emails to your customers.

Customer Portal

Makes keeping track of workshop jobs easier, organized and convenient. You can receive quotations and alerts of upcoming servicing, track invoices and view vehicle history.

Insurance Claim

Save time by submitting your insurance claim through our system. We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your claim to a fair settlement.

Check In/ Out

Facilitates a paperless check-in and check-out procedure by uploading actual images of the car and indicating conditions.

Estimation Module

Compile and email a list of estimated service items for your insurance partners with just a few clicks.

Warranty Package

Lets you add warranty package lists and is integrated to Invoice module for faster documentation process


Manage your mechanics and their jobs intelligently.

Commission (Workshop)

Effectively calculate and record commission for individual mechanics for every car repaired. Maximize accuracy and save time by keeping a detailed record of all commissions.


Workshop Management Module provides visibility of the real-time status of every workshop job, which includes assigning of mechanics on various jobs and tracking parts movement.

Service Item

Add, update, and search for various services like items operations or service packages

Appointment Module

Allow customers to reach out to you directly through booking appointments online


Allows you to set maintenance contract with specific details for easier monitoring

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of Fleetnetics Workshop ERP Management System

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