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Fleetnetics, Automotive ERP Software for Asset Management

Managing your assets within an automotive ERP system is key to solving the challenges of providing quality vehicles or auto spare parts to your customers.

fleetnetics asset management system
Your fleet is what your customers seek. Fleetnetics is what you need.

Your fleet is one of the major assets of your automotive business. The expectation of customers is high and your reputation somehow depends on it.

Good thing Fleetnetics is an automotive ERP software in Singapore which includes the Asset Management feature.

Fleetnetics keeps your asset data monitored and accessible to its users. You may sort your assets according to function, category or group and still allows you to view their current market value, history log, vehicle information and many more.

fleetnetics asset management system in singapore

Reminders for servicing, utilisation report, job history, cases, warranty, etc. are integrated within the Fleetnetics system to seamlessly run your automotive business.

For a free demo, click here.


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