Smart Chat Bot Solution built for Roadside Assistance


About the Product

Townetics is a smart chatbot towing service which provides smooth operation flow of vehicle recovery request and dispatch process with minimum human intervention using artificial intelligence.


We strive to create “transforming” solutions that maximise the use of available technology and latest trends and develop them into innovative tools increasing efficiency.


Due to the outbreak of CoVid-19, Townetics was established in 2020 to meet the demands of #theNewNormal and help clients stay afloat.

Simplify process of dispatching operator at the soonest time possible

Townetics is a smart chatbot designed for roadside assistance with automated messages, helping you dispatch jobs more efficiently.

Unlimited Ways & Endless Applications to Suit Your Business Needs

Townetics provides resolution in the fastest and smoothest way possible to meet your needs so you can meet your customers' demand. We strive hard so as to deliver the perfect system for you.

Automated Support

Digital Dispatch

User Experience

24/7 Service Accessibility

Track Location

Dashboard Reporting

Decide on long-term solutions for your business where you can save more time, find better opportunities, and offer the best services to your clients.


Visit the official website of Townetics to learn more about the process.