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Seamless Solution for
Job Dispatch & Operator Management

Streamline day-to-day dispatch operations up to billing and accounting.

Front End

Back End

Easy Management

Fleetnetics supports your dispatch operations, operator, customer, and accounting all in one place.

Unlimited Ways & Endless Applications to Suit Your Business Needs

Fleetnetics provides over 100 different modules to meet your needs. We strive hard so as to deliver the perfect system for you.

Easy Management

Fleetnetics supports your rental operation, sales, customer management and accounting all in one.

Work in Progress

More details coming soon!

Want to Know How it Works?
DewTouch Innovations

DewTouch Innovations started in 2012 and offers modern enterprise software solutions to optimise workflows in automotive and food catering companies. We helped companies to develop new innovations on business processes and increase business productivity. Many years of working with our customers on the ground has made us experts in these fields – not only in Singapore but regionally.

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