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Why is Car Rental Business Digitization Vital to Your Operations?

Is your car rental business disrupted by not going digital? How to run a business with automotive ERP software? Find out how digital transformation helps.


Stay Relevant

Staying relevant in the digital world requires continuous learning in transforming business processes.

Car rental businesses can benefit through digitisation with the help of modern enterprise software tools like automotive ERP solutions.

These tools digitalize operations boosting productivity and improving customer relationships.

Say Goodbye to Paper Cuts and Dusty Filing Cabinets

With a cloud-based automotive ERP software, employees can quickly access information.

Ranging from rental agreement, vehicle availability, maintenance record, and customer to accounting, your employees can work on all of these documents in one ERP system.

No more hassle going through physical documents or separate sheets to check.

Time is Money

It may be a no-brainer but ERP system automation helps to cut down tremendous time spent to double key data entry, minimizing error, especially on sensitive information like car rental rate calculation and recurring invoices.

In fact, Fleetnetics ERP system users benefit from up to 80% reduced time spent processing recurring rental billing.

Additionally, you can share digital contracts and invoices via email or link with your customer immediately. This will help you go paperless, minimize operating costs, and impress customers with faster response.

Customer Centricity

With the increasing number of smartphone users, people are now renting their vehicles online.

Online booking or e-Rental booking is becoming essential to serve as your digital front store.

Seamless integration between your front-end booking and back-end ERP system will improve your operation flow.

With the front-end booking plugin, your customers will now fill in the information for you and the details can be instantly retrieved and converted to rental contracts without extra effort.

In the long run, your employees can contribute to more meaningful work and spend time efficiently on customer relationship building.

Business Continuity

Early this year, several businesses all over the globe were severely affected due to COVID-19.

Some had to stop their operations and others resorted to working from home.

These businesses were able to continue business workflow from their homes.

Taking care of your customers' needs is important but making sure that your business can handle future challenges and remain stable is vital to your survival and your employees.

With digitalization, workflow and data are accessible hence, employees can continue working on their ongoing projects with the necessary information.


Fleetnetics is a cloud-based ERP management system specialised in the digitisation of automotive aftersales solutions, such as e-rental booking, workshop, inventory, spare part distribution and fleet maintenance management.

We have successfully implemented and guided various companies in their digitalization process through our ERP system solutions.

If you are interested, Fleetnetics software implementation can be done in 2 to 3 weeks*

Contact us now for FREE DEMO. Read more about rental features here.

*For smaller project scope with minimal setup and subject to further requirement study.


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