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Boost Your Car Rental Management with Fleetnetics Mobile App

DewTouch has officially launched the Fleetnetics Mobile App for car rental management, where you can deal with the daily hiccups in your operation making your vehicle checklist more seamless and convenient, and your day even more productive alongside your Fleetnetics Rental Management System.

DewTouch launched fleetnetics Car Software mobile app Singapore

“If the path to what you want seems too easy, then you’re on the wrong path.”
-Shanks, One Piece

Dewtouch officially launching Fleetnetics Car Software Mobile App

Retrieve Rental Agreement details for reassurance.

Review the rental agreement details of your car rental job within the mobile application upon fetching vehicle information.

You may also scan the vehicle QR code to retrieve the vehicle number, make, model and color.

Fleetnetics Mobile App Rental Agreement details retrieval

Take photos and mark on the actual damages.

Fleetnetics Mobile App 2D Markings and Uploading media

Take photos from each side and add important notes for a more effective vehicle inspection.

Put markings on the actual photo with the freehand drawing feature.

Record a video for a more in-depth understanding of the vehicle condition.

Digital Signature

Sign on the checklist digitally right after vehicle inspection for an uninterrupted, seamless workflow.

Aside from the name and contact number of signatories, record the date and location of the signature with the geolocation feature.

Fleetnetics Mobile App digital signature or eSig with geolocation

The Fleetnetics Mobile App for car rental management helps you become more productive and always on-the-go. The mobile app provides this additional flexibility and efficiency to help you have a balance in life without compromising your business needs.

Fleetnetics Car Software Mobile App

Fleetnetics Digital Checklist Mobile App was conceptualised and created to address hiccups in your daily operation in your car rental business.

The Digital Checklist Mobile App interface is user-friendly as we aim to get the maximum information needed with minimal effort from the end user.

Discover the possibilities with the Fleetnetics Mobile App by integrating it onto your Fleetnetics Rental Management System today.

The Fleetnetics Mobile App is only available on Android smartphones for now.


Fleetnetics Car Software Mobile App

Get the Fleetnetics Mobile App today.

Take advantage of this limited offer and be the first auto leasing company to use the Fleetnetics Mobile App.

Fleetnetics ERP system Mobile App Singapore

You may also Contact Us here for the onboarding process and to learn more about the new Fleetnetics Mobile App.

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