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Car Workshop Management: Digitized vs Traditional Businesses

Why is it important to adapt to the digital transformation now?

Even though it is a time where modern technology is considered a necessity, you still have your reservations about digital transformation.

It is reasonable, though. However, you also have to remember that there will always be risks whenever engaging in business.

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To help make your mind up, we highlight a few of the comparisons between digitalization using an automotive software solution and the traditional business setup.

The diagrams below show the comparison between staying in traditional business and adapting digitalization in car workshop business operations.

The digital transformation for workshop management helps you handle the overall workflow smoothly and strategically.

With the Fleetnetics system, the accessibility is very flexible because it is a cloud-based system on a web-based platform.

When your business is not accessible online and is only available during the daytime in a physical location, the reach of your target market may become limited.

Listen to one of our valued clients who maximizes this advantage.

Yes, there may be additional costs for workshop digitalization, but this will also help triple or double your efficiency in workshop jobs.

Since workshop jobs are settled and finished earlier, you can release them and accept new car workshop requests.

This means more income for your business and more car service for you, car enthusiasts. It’s a win-win situation!

Fleetnetics allows users to organize upcoming, ongoing and completed workshop jobs through various modules.

Think about spider webs. It is designed just like that; connected and can be turned on or off depending on your preferred design.

Fleetnetics integration does not only work within each vertical but it can also integrate Car Rental, Workshop, and Auto Spare Parts modules into one another.

Aside from time, the system helps with the distribution of effort invested in one task to another ones. Users can prioritize and decide when to multitask for higher productivity.

It helps you categorise jobs by urgency, importance, and those that can be set aside for one more day to make way for those urgent ones.

Facilitating workshop jobs is indeed a strenuous job, but we believe that paperwork is the most strenuous task in an office setting.

The Documentation feature allows users to populate documents automatically and print in PDF in bulk.

This saves a lot of time that can be utilised for other business operations.

Moreover, this automotive ERP software allows you to transact paperless by using the E-Signature feature. You do not need to print anything as everything can be done on the web.

Basically, logging transactions, checking in and out, and even signing the documents with geolocation can be done digitally.

Here is a video of one of the latest system updates in Fleetnetics.

You are not just helping your business but you are also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

As a car workshop business that will undergo digital transformation, it is important that you can generate reports to see how your business performed for a specific period of time.

In a traditional business setting, you would have to collect the data manually and create presentations to analyze and study your business performance.

Using an automotive ERP system, reports can be generated for you with just a tap away.

Digital transformation may not sound as easy as how people say it, however, it will help your business catch up with the latest technology and trends in the industry.

Technology is supposed to provide convenience and advancement in our daily lives and this cloud-based innovative technology is what it is all about.

DewTouch Innovations developed Fleetnetics automotive ERP system to provide solutions for time, revenue, and operating costs.

It may add a few dollars to your capital for now but in the long run, it can help you save more time and money depending on how you utilize it.

We hope we have been helpful enough to clarify things. It will be best though to try it yourself so you can fully understand the whole process.

“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.”
-Eckhart Tolle

To experience Fleetnetics first-hand, contact us by requesting a demo here.

You may also call us at +65 91118181 or send us an email with your concerns at today.

Stay relevant and safe!



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