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Fleetnetics at Transport and Logistics Indonesia Expo

Fleetnetics is one of the exhibitors at the Transport and Logistics Indonesia Expo, a three-day event starting on 5 October and wrapping up on the 7th.

October 2022 - Selamat siang, Jakarta! The Fleetnetics team has landed in the Jakarta territory safely. It was the first time that the team participated in the International Transport, Logistics, Equipment & Services exhibition. After three years, we were finally able to interact with people in flesh.

This is the 3rd Transport and Logistics Expo, organised by Gem Indonesia and held at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) with the intent to highlight smart technology innovations. It was joined by various companies and visitors from different parts of the world.

Some exhibitors showcased their fleet of heavy equipment, buses, coaches, auto spare parts, trucks, motorcycles and electric vehicles (EV).

Others took the opportunity to introduce their products and services that can help these fleet owners maximise the potential of their automotive business.

Exhibition Opening Day!

automotive ERP software
Aik Boon proudly takes a photo of the Fleetnetics booth at the Transport & Logistics Expo in Jakarta.

On the first day of the exhibition, there was an opening ceremony immediately followed by a discussion program held in JIExpo Hall D.

We got to meet a handful of both local and foreign visitors as well.

SMEs offering products and services such as GPS-tracking devices, vehicle testing equipment, electric vehicle charging equipment and ERP software providers were among the exhibitors at the event.

Fleetnetics is an ERP software specialised in the digitisation of automotive aftersales solutions, such as e-rental booking, workshop, inventory, spare part distribution and fleet maintenance management.

The exhibition was indeed a great platform for network connections and partnerships.

automotive ERP software
Aik Boon poses for a photo with our neighbouring exhibitor from Hyundai Hoist Co. Ltd.

Snap, snap, day one!

automotive ERP software
Transport and Logistics Indonesia Opening Ceremony
automotive ERP software
Our colleagues explain Fleetnetics as an automotive ERP solution in Bahasa Indonesia.

On the second day at the expo, more people had become quite curious about Fleetnetics ERP solution. The number of visitors significantly increased compared to the previous day.

We got to discuss the ERP solutions offered by Fleetnetics, such as asset management, vehicle information and accounts management for rental and maintenance companies and auto spare parts distributors.

We also provided a couple of free ERP software demo to booth visitors.

automotive ERP software

Some expo goers preferred to speak with our Indonesian colleagues in their mother tongue Bahasa Indonesia, and others allowed us to communicate with them in English.

Despite the language barrier, we still experienced the warm welcome of Indonesians. The Fleetnetics booth worked in a way. People stopped by to read what was on our banners and backdrop.

Somehow, it piqued their interest in ERP technology.

Last Day of the Expo

As we tried to save our brochures for the remaining six hours, some of our fellow exhibitors came in to explore the possibilities of tying up their products with an automotive ERP system.

It is absolutely one of the things we were looking for in participating in this event.

Our Indonesian colleague poses for a photo with our brochures.

We also met several spare parts distributors who enquired about ERP system for inventory management and sales.

As we mentioned earlier, the event also showcased the Electric Vehicle industry, where electric buses filled the other side of the exhibition hall.

Outside the hall, more trucks and forklifts were parked for the event.

There was an estimate that the expo had approximately 9,000 visitors.

And just before we wrapped it all up, there was a concert and closing program at the venue featuring local artists.

Of course, we made sure we took a group picture at the Fleetnetics' Transport & Logistics Indonesia booth.

Fleetnetics representatives at the Transport & Logistics Indonesia Expo 2022

It was exhilarating to be able to promote our flagship ERP system again in person after three years.

It was indeed a productive week and a fruitful event for Fleetnetics.

The expo showed how Indonesia, specifically Jakarta, is one of the competitive places in Southeast Asia to invest.

As the largest archipelago, the Indonesian market projects a skilled workforce, abundant natural resources and a growing economic market.

Fleetnetics automotive ERP solution caters to various industries such as:

  • Workshop Industry

  • Spare Parts Industry

  • Heavy Equipment Industry

  • Buses / Coach Industry

  • Public Transport Industry

  • Logistics Industry

  • Electric Vehicle Industry

  • Autonomous Vehicle Industry

  • Scooter / Motorcycle Industry

  • Fleet Compliance Industry

  • Waste Management Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • e-Commerce Industry

To see snippets of what transpired at the Transport & Logistics Indonesia Exhibition in Jakarta, check out our post-event video on YouTube below.

We hope we can at least bring the amazement we felt during the trip to your screens. We included a few BTS shots at the end too :)

Watch it in 1080p60 full HD for a better viewing experience. Enjoy!

For a free demo of Fleetnetics, message us here or call us on our WhatsApp hotline.


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