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How To Process Delivery Orders in Bulk On Fleetnetics

Typing in or copying a huge ton of data can be pretty much a strenuous job. Multiple tabs and windows can be very confusing when you are on it for hours with much data displayed.

how to process bulk delivery orders in spare parts management software

We came up with the latest update on the Auto Spare Parts Management System and added the use of the QR Code for processing multiple Customer Delivery Orders (CDO) with e-Signature all at once.

Auto Spare Parts Management System is one of the 3 business verticals of Fleetnetics. It equips your business with an advanced inventory and cost management system that also helps in procurement and sales.

Product distributors and drivers usually face the challenge of processing bulk transactions and having them received by the customers in the shortest period of time.

Hence, being able to address this with a system that makes data input automated creates a big difference in the overall workflow, especially for the drivers onsite.

The newest addition to the spare parts management module lets you scan a QR code using a QR code scanner. You may use your mobile phone's camera application to do this.

Upon scanning the QR code, it redirects you to the 'Customer Portal' where scanned CDOs are all listed down.

Watch the video below to see the updates.

You can scan multiple CDO jobs, have them signed, and submit them all at once for faster processing.

This feature will help the drivers process bulk delivery jobs at the soonest time.

We also have another feature where you can lock these jobs for added security. We will officially announce it here on the website and on our social media accounts soon.

On top of that, other features are continuously being developed as of this writing.

It would be great to hear from you regarding these system updates. Kindly tell us what you think about it at

For system-related issues, kindly use the Help button within the Fleetnetics system. You may check here how to send in your concerns for faster resolution.

Stay safe and relevant! Happy New Year!



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