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What’s Next?: Review and Outlook on DewTouch

DewTouch, of course, is no exception to the year 2020. Here it is. Let us take a look back to the year 2020, how its effects linger in the present day and have affected the future of the company and our clients.

According to Aik Boon Chua, 2020 was indeed an exciting year for us.

Given that it was only a few months since the companies started operating back to normal again after the holidays, the projects had just resumed, and the team was only starting to make new plans for the entire year.

It made the companies engage in realisations that there would be no usual business operations, which only meant one of these two things - either average to lower-income revenue or bankruptcy.

Even if it was not mandatory, people were alarmed by the contagious virus forcing everyone to stay home, and this would mean few to no customers.

Biggest Challenge in the Past Year

ABC answered, asked about the biggest challenge DewTouch faced last year, “managing our colleagues who had to work from home, training clients remotely via Zoom/Google Hangout...”

It made DewTouch maximise every digital platform available on the internet.

However, aside from the geographical aspect, reaching out to new potential clients without meeting them physically was also one of the challenges.

For him, the lesson that the pandemic had taught the company was “by sticking together, working closely despite the geographical differences, we can make the best out of it.”

Nevertheless, these challenges were defining moments for us. One of the greatest accomplishments last year was being able to double DewTouch’s revenue.

“We also secured reputable clients such as Eurokarz, Autobacs..,” he added.

Indeed, it opened new doors for the company to grow.

Fleetnetics on

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer magazine featured DewTouch in their July 2020 Issue on, an online magazine about travel tips, emerging trends, and destination guides.

You may check the full article here.

“..we managed to join the GIA programme and also the SWITCHxSFF exhibition.” With the recently-held digital exhibition last 7-11 December 2020, the company became more exposed, and it helped us meet and establish new connections in the industry.

What's Next With Fleetnetics?

Now that it is the year 2021, upcoming system updates and projects are on their way. For Chua Aik Boon, “2021 will be an eventful year with regional expansions and more opportunities.”

DewTouch is currently raising funds this year to support its regional expansion.

Yes! The company has set its eyes on a goal this year. According to ABC, they are eyeing to launch Fleetnetics in the US and Mainland China with a potentially new revenue model.

These plans will surely help them expand with more opportunities to serve the public and gear up with potential business partners.

And with the expansion comes a more developed and improved Fleetnetics, Foodnetics, and Townetics.

His message to the clients...

“We appreciate your ever support and we will strive to continue to innovate to serve you better.”

Stay up to date with Fleetnetics. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or you may also directly inquire here.

Have a healthy 2021!



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