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Fleetnetics at the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival

The DewTouch team with its flagship product, Fleetnetics Automotive ERP System, flies to our next stop to join the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival in Taiwan to seek more business opportunities.

As the world is slowly coping with events that are causing unpredictable economic activities, we are taking advantage of this time to alleviate the possible repercussions and secure our future.

Rainmaking Innovations Taiwan, a leading brand in collaboration with top companies and startups to create, develop and accelerate innovative developments, is joined by some of the co-organisers such as ACE Singapore, Business Next Media and Meet for this year's Asia's largest startup festival.

3-Day Meet Taipei Expo

The three-day public exhibition, which ran from 17 to 19 November, has a wide range of industries welcomed in the Meet Taipei event.

Most of the exhibitors at the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival are focused on 5G and AIoT aspects.

Aside from the booths set up at the Meet Taipei exhibition, there are also speaking engagements conducted on stage.

These speaking engagements include participants talking about various technology trends and competing universities pitching their ideas.

Tour in TIER

The participants of this year's Meet Taipei Startup Festival are given the chance to visit TIER (Taiwan Institute of Economic Research).

The Fleetnetics team gets to meet up with fellow startups from Singapore, Rainmaking Innovations Taiwan and ACE Singapore who jointly organised this activity and some representatives from TIER.

This Meet Taipei activity in TIER gives us the chance to talk about our flagship product, the Fleetnetics Automotive ERP system.

TIER builds a network of connections between companies and startups.

Startups share the challenges they are facing and TIER helps mediate with the participating companies.

Fleetnetics Presented at the Meet Taipei Expo

On the second day of the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival, we are given the opportunity to present Fleetnetics in the pitching programme.

We discussed the Fleetnetics Automotive ERP system, how it contributes significantly to our current users, and our upcoming projects.

The pitching programme for the participants of Meet Taipei at the expo allowed DewTouch to use a platform to talk about Fleetnetics, its business models and performances to a wider range of audience and expo goers.

The audience of the pitching programme at the Meet Taipei Expo consists of angel investors, capitalists in various industries and several representatives from the Taiwan market that grants help to startups.

Visit at SYSTEX

SYSTEX is one of Taiwan's largest system integration companies.

SYSTEX serves as the platform to link up different components of an ecosystem together.

They help look into all the investors, their objectives and what they are looking for to equally distribute them to matched startups.

This Match Event at SYSTEX was organised by ACE Singapore for the participants of the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival.

It not only allowed us to pitch the Fleetnetics Automotive ERP system in front of a group of interesting businessmen but also allocated time to conduct a networking session after the pitching programme.

Our team is very honoured to have met several interesting participants at the event and exchanged contacts with them.

The Match Event networking session is only one of many great parts of the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival.

Meet Taipei gave us an opportunity here to speak with potential partners up close in the hopes of starting a revolutionary collaboration.

The next stop after the Match event was in Kaohsiung.

With Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs expanding an innovative project, Startup Terrace was built.

Startup Terrace supports the growth of startups in Taiwan with the objective to encourage and connect foreign investors and companies with the local supply chain and resources for a well-balanced, developed digital economy.

They gave us a tour of the establishment where they provide a place for workspaces or co-desking opportunities for startups.

The establishment also offers spaces for meeting rooms with functional equipment.

The 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival Expo has accumulated 71,000 expo goers in three days from 17 to 19 November, 450 startups and over 70 global startups pitched their ideas, over a hundred insightful talks took place and approximately 2,000 participants were matched with investors.

Session in Deloitte

During our visit to Deloitte, the organisers laid out the advantages and disadvantages of starting up businesses in Taiwan.

Deloitte is a leading provider of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and other related services globally.

Participants of Startup Terrace at SYSTEX.

Seminar at the Gold Card Office

On the last day of our Meet Taipei experience, we went to the Taiwan Employment Gold Card office.

Taiwan Employment Gold Card office manages grants of a gold card pass or equivalent to a green card in the US.

The Gold Card office also provides guidance to foreigners who are interested in working as an ex-pat in Taiwan.

They showed us the processes of how these ex-pats look for employment opportunities in the country.

During the entirety of our Taiwan trip, we were very fortunate to speak with some participants about the challenges we face in looking for ways to expand.

Most of the startup companies that participated in the exclusive activities and tours specialise in Electric Vehicles, drones, batteries and other electronics and technology hardware.

Fleetnetics Automotive ERP System caters to multiple industries:

Rental / Leasing, Workshop, Spare Parts, Heavy Equipment, Buses / Coach, Public Transport, Logistics, Electric Vehicle (EV), Autonomous Vehicle (AV), Scooter / Motorcycle, Fleet Compliance,

Waste Management, Mining, and e-Commerce.

For a sneak preview of our experience at the 2022 Meet Taipei Startup Festival in Taiwan, watch our post-event video below or watch it on our YouTube channel here.


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