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Collect Garbage Like You've Never Collected Before

In most countries, the waste management sector is given 10-20% of the local government’s budget depending on whether a country is high, mid or low-income.

While it competes against other funding priorities, the world population has continuously increased in a span of 10 years (2010-2020) by approximately 12.05%, which equates to 837.9M people worth of additional waste for disposal, making garbage collection more challenging.

Waste management is ultra-expensive and demands complex operations. One typical front loader truck costs around US$200-350k, which is equivalent to S$271-475k. Aside from that, there are other operational costs to take into consideration. Thus, waste management companies need to ensure the lifespan of each unit to maximize the investment.

Data Procurement and Monitoring

Keeping a record of the vehicle information for future reference is something that helps oversee check-ups needed. Vehicle information includes the brand, manufacturer, year of manufacture, total mileage, fuel consumption, model number, as well as the actual visual condition of the vehicle and remarks regarding the inspection, which cannot translate into numbers or photos.

Even the drivers and mechanics who touch it are contributing factors in its lifespan.

Accessibility and Convenience

Once the information is available, you need to have a secure place that is accessible anytime, anywhere to keep this for monitoring.

Say you are on vacation at the beach with your family, and your team just informed you that a truck is not checked back in since yesterday, and they cannot get a hold of the last driver who used it. If you have a GPS tracking device installed, you could have streamlined the whole operation process within a single platform for it is seamlessly integrated.

Of course, you must not be the only one who can access it. The access level must depend on one’s role within the organisation. The situation demonstrated above is just for example purposes and an assumption that you are the next in line with clearance to that information.

It is crucial, though, that you can access it even if you are a thousand miles away from the office while you prepare to hit the sack, making remote operations more transparent and systematic.

Regular Maintenance

A vehicle/truck can only do so many stops on each collection day. Monitoring the mileage is one way to gauge if you want your units to be in tiptop condition and maximise their use.

To maintain a vehicle, you need to monitor its usage and condition regularly. How? You must have both quantitative and qualitative data. It is the reason why Data Procurement and Monitoring top the list. In a business setting, it will be reckless to act on something that you do not understand.

The regular maintenance may be handled within your organisation or by a third party. Regardless, the date, time, assigned mechanic etc., of each check-in and check-out of each vehicle must be on hand. All these must be integrated into one another for maintenance and reporting purposes.

This way, you can estimate its maximum lifespan and equip your team with enough information to prepare for future expenses.


We have discussed the importance of data retrieval but if you cannot integrate all this information coming from different sources within your organisation, it still creates bottlenecks in your workflow.

Some of the waste management companies have multiple offices, transfer stations, and landfills to accommodate an entire city or town. Lending over or transferring the vehicles to other stations is part of the daily operations.

While it is already a challenge to keep everyone within the same organisation well-coordinated, what more keeping two amalgamated? The answer is through available information and transparency.

With the data you have collected, you can streamline your transfer operations and handover processes, eliminating that bottleneck due to insufficient data and inefficient fleet management.

Systematic Handover

You have acquired, safe kept, monitored the data and scheduled your vehicles for maintenance. Now, you need to keep a trail of the handover.

You need to make sure that what you release is also what you take back in. You need to have a log history of the vehicle issues, vehicle info, staff, and mechanics in charge of each vehicle. A consistent, accurate DateTime log is essential to sort out the current and upcoming job requests efficiently.

The availability of data from this process creates a structured flow of operations within your organisation.

Asset Management

We mentioned Data Procurement and Monitoring earlier, and you need all the data in running your daily operations.

Not only will this be pivotal for the management to oversee what had happened and is currently happening, but also it helps you anticipate what is more likely to happen in the daily operations.

It is also highly beneficial for waste collection companies to use the data for asset and inventory management. You may probably waste resources if you are clueless about what you can do with what you have.

You might be wondering what this solution really is. It is an ERP system software called, Fleetnetics.

Fleetnetics is an Automotive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that caters to auto leasing, workshops, and automotive aftermarket. It is a web-based fleet maintenance management software with an easy-to-use interface.

Fleetnetics is an all-in-one automotive solution to simplify the creation of your quotations, management of contracts, storage of documents, automation of recurring invoices, and capturing financial accounts.

With our sophisticated technology, you can maximise the use of your everyday documents and mobile devices.

With the time it saves, your workforce can focus more on finding new revenue, innovating and perhaps finally going home earlier.

If you want to know more about Fleetnetics to help you with your Waste Management company, kindly drop us a message here. You will hear back from us immediately or within 12 to 24 hours.

For other information about the system features and updates, you may check it out here.

Let us know what you think about this article. Drop us a chat message.

Stay safe!



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