How You Can Maximise Your Business Daily Customer Flow with Appointment Booking System

An important factor in digital transformation is to ensure business continuity by providing your customers with the best experience in every transaction taking place. Especially today, the best ones are the safest, which also makes them the most relevant.

When the government allowed resumption of operations in mid-2020, online appointment booking has started to dominate the business industry in observance of social distancing in physical locations. Fleetnetics ascertained that their clients still get to run their business with smooth operating procedures even after the circuit breaker.

Today, the Fleetnetics Appointment module has new updates to make it easier for our clients to manage booked appointments and ongoing workshop jobs.

Type of Appointment

We value your time as much as you do with your clients’. To make the appointment module more specific for operations and avoid unexpected delays in consultation or service completion, the back-end users can modify the types of services. This enhancement lets your customers specifically identify their intent of scheduling the appointment.

The whole point of online appointment booking is to provide the best customer experience to retain their loyalty or make them come back by spending less time with them while attending to their concerns in the fastest way possible.

This way, you can manage customer flow better and categorise their concerns on a particular date and time.

This new feature is under the Settings tab > Appointment > Appointment Types.

Customised Operating Hours

Like the types of services, you can also modify the days and hours of the system calendar aligned with your organisation’s actual hours of operation. You only have to edit the number of days your shop is open and choose the days of the week. It is a big help to businesses that do not operate on the usual Mon-Fri 9 to 5 workweek.

These updates are accessible through Settings.

Front-End Mandatory Fields

It doesn’t matter how much you can customise the back-end settings of an appointment system if, from the beginning, you do not have sufficient, detailed booking information to call them back and confirm the appointment. Now, each booking is significant and will never go to waste.

Seamless Appointment-to-Job Conversion

Speaking of efficiency and accuracy, it would be a strenuous job for your staff to encode each confirmed appointment booking for queueing on Workshop Jobs.

As with any reliable workshop management system, you can now convert confirmed bookings to Workshop Jobs through the Appointment module for placid workflow.

CarFax and NexPart Integrations (*for US market only)