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Efficient Spare Parts Management: CDO Packing Status Update

‘For Delivery’ or ‘Delivered’ is not enough to update our customers on the status of their orders nowadays. So with the help of the DewTouch developers, we have made updates for more efficient spare parts management in the CDO module - the CDO packing status, providing your staff with more specific transaction progress for better organisational dynamics.

CDO packing status update in Fleetnetics Spare Parts ERP system
Updated CDO Packing feature accessible on Fleetnetics Spare Parts Distribution management system

As an Auto Spare Parts distributor, it is challenging to oversee the tiny details in your daily operation. You have people who help you run your business, and to be honest, you do not have control over them every minute of every day, and they could probably err from time to time.

As an owner, you understand that human error is inevitable. That is why we infuse technology for an accurate and systematic workflow to avoid these mistakes totally and keep a record for future reference.

As our existing clients already know, the CDO module (Customer Delivery Order) allows your users to update and record the status of delivery instantly using the QR code for smooth processing. In a way, it serves as a means of communication for the team.

It also allows your users to have customers digitally sign on to the platform upon delivery of either single or bulk orders.

This time, your team can update the progress status of the requested spare parts and label a particular CDO with ‘PACKED’.

Watch the video below to learn how to efficiently manage your spare parts through this CDO packing status update.

Now, this updated feature does not only help with transparency and communication in the operational workflow. It also provides ways to update your customers with their purchases accordingly.

This CDO packing status update makes managing your spare parts distribution more efficient.

Fleetnetics is a platform-independent software, so this particular update is. Aside from Barcode and QR code handheld scanners, it is also built to be compatible with tablets.

LATEST UPDATE: We have just optimised the compatibility of this CDO Packing feature with mobile phones, so you can now use it conveniently with any mobile device.

Send us a message here if you want to integrate this into your current Fleetnetics system.

Stay safe!


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