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Enhancing Security in Car Rental Software: Implementing Geolocation

Security is one of the best features that you will need from any cloud-based ERP software.

But the most reliable feature you would want in any automotive ERP software is how it handles the documentation process.

The documentation process is a comprehensive work and requires scrupulous attention to detail. It requires thorough checking and will take up a huge chunk of your time.

The best automotive ERP software you can ever ask for is the one that will reduce time and help you with immediate data input.

As a cloud-based ERP software, Fleetnetics provides convenience in having the transactions completed online with efficiency.

The E-signature within the Fleetnetics system lets you sign the documents anytime, anywhere.

SYSTEM UPDATE: You can now track the location of the signatories of your rental agreements using the Fleetnetics Geolocation feature.

The hirer, main driver, additional driver, and staff can all sign within the system.

But for users' added security, we incorporated the Geolocation feature.

The signature is a vital part of the documentation. It signifies the authenticity of the documents and serves as a non-verbal agreement between parties. Hence, enhancing the security of your car rental software is a must, and implementing the geolocation feature is one way to go.

We anticipate challenges that may occur in the future. We want to make sure that the e-signatures made within the Fleetnetics system are official and can be reviewed at a later time.

The Geolocation update can be used as a reference to verify the exact location where the signatory signed the document on a specified date and time.

This locator is automatically generated using Google Maps to avoid manipulation in case of unforeseen events.

We always listen to our clients to further improve the Fleetnetics system. We continuously seek fleet innovations to provide solutions to challenges in the automotive industry.

Do you like this system update? Let us know in the comments or message us for suggestions.

If you want to talk to our representative, you may send us a message here or call us on our WhatsApp at +65 9111 8181.


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