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New WhatsApp Feature on Fleetnetics ERP System

The way we communicate has evolved drastically with technological innovation. Originally done face-to-face, communication has lately become more expeditious by using digital devices alongside the internet, especially for automotive ERP systems.

whatsapp feature on fleetnetics automotive erp system

As time becomes more expensive, we recognise that the automotive industry must be able to keep up and continue innovating. As a result, you can now correspond to your customers using the new WhatsApp feature on Fleetnetics automotive ERP system.

How does it begin?

whatsapp feature on fleetnetics automotive erp system

We make every effort to understand how our clients operate their car rental or leasing businesses, auto repair shops and spare parts distribution processes. This idea undoubtedly refers to the evolution of times in which all movements must be carried out accurately but also efficiently.

According to Business of Apps data, the total number of WhatsApp users worldwide in the first quarter of 2023 reached 2.45 billion, confirming our belief that integrating the WhatsApp function to Fleetnetics ERP system can help our clients progress their business.

How does it work?

By integrating Fleetnetics and the WhatsApp function, you gain various benefits that will help your business become more efficient every second.

The WhatsApp module also lets you use messaging templates within the Fleetnetics ERP system. These message templates can potentially be used as an auto-response system when customers contact you after business hours.

whatsapp feature on fleetnetics automotive erp system

Meanwhile, you can respond to clients’ queries directly or in real time, just as you do to general messages.

Similarly, when it comes to communicating crucial information to your customers, such as appointment times, payment reminders, and so on, everything can be done within the Fleetnetics ERP system.

We are aiming to continuously develop this module and add more features in the future.

The WhatsApp module can be made available on Fleetnetics Rental Management System, Workshop Management System, Spare Parts Management System and DewService products.

What if we say that you can get this new WhatsApp feature on your existing Fleetnetics ERP system free of charge?

You can get the WhatsApp module by just doing 3 easy and simple steps:

get whatsapp feature on fleetnetics erp system for free
  1. Leave an honest, constructive review of Fleetnetics on Capterra here, and take screenshots of your review and the success message as proof that it was actually submitted;

  2. Follow Fleetnetics on LinkedIn and like us on Facebook;

  3. Send us the screenshot images from Capterra, and your social media account to

Once we receive your email, you will get an acknowledgment from us. Kindly give us up to two weeks to verify and process your entry.

Multiple employees under the same company are encouraged to join but not required.

Join in the fun today as this offer is available for limited slots only. Enjoy!

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