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Workshop Management System Update - Manual Line Item

Good news to Workshop Management System users - you can now add line items manually on Fleetnetics ERP system.

workshop management software manual service item

This latest update from Fleetnetics is a way to address the proper classification of inventory items. It will help you sort your inventory appropriately into two categories only, as it should be - Parts (P) and Service Items (S).

The new update in the Fleetnetics workshop management system can be found in the Workshop Job module.

workshop management software manual service item

Either you are creating a new workshop job or just editing an existing one, the newly added manual line item can be accessed by users.

Go to the ‘Service Items’ section of the Job order form.

From there, you can find a new flag icon. Click on it to proceed with adding a line item manually.

You can see that the Type of the item is tagged as ‘M’. Since this is a manual item and not registered in the inventory module, there is no item number indicated.

The only field required for this manual line item is the ‘Description.’ This one is a free text field so you have all the freedom to type anything appropriate for the job order you are creating.

Moreover, just like parts and service line items, you can change the unit price, mechanics and its corresponding amount.

This manual line item on workshop job, allowing you to add job items manually, is great to have in an ERP software as it provides flexibility on a case-to-case basis.

However, the misuse of this feature can lead to a messy inventory. Your inventory needs to be synchronised with the physical inventory, and has to be transparent to avoid job disruption.

What do you think about this update? Let us know!

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